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Needle Holder

Dental Needle Holders also known as Needle Drivers used for dental suture placement, retraction of soft tissue, and placement of orthodontic wires. We have all types and variations of dental needle holders. 

Some of the dental needle drivers are listed below.

   Arruga Needle Holder  
   Baumgartner Needle Holders
•    Boynton Needle Holders
   Castroviejo Needle Holders

These instruments play a crucial role in preventing surgical errors and don’t damage the nearby tissues. Our ergonomically designed needle holder gives practitioners better control during the surgeries and eventually results in satisfactory and desired practice. It contains shorter and thicker jaws that provide a controlled grasp and drive suture needle during stitching and closing wounds to the skin or other tissues.
While keeping in mind the needs of dental professionals, we offer surgical needle holders of various sizes, tip shapes, and designs. You can choose the best one according to your needs. All our instruments are crafted under the supervision of industry experts.


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