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Dental Chisels

Dental chisels are one of the commonly used instruments in dental implant procedures. They help medical practitioners to contour, smooth, or remove the bone area so that implant material can easily be inserted. The appropriate use of these instruments makes oral surgical procedures successful and even more effective. Because it minimizes the risk of trauma, chances of damage to the adjacent soft tissues, including the tongue, lip, or cheeks, and avoids burns. 

Here are some of the dental chisel types we offer: 

    Bone Chisel
    Fedi Chisel
    Kirkland Chisel
    Ochsenbein Chisel

GerDentUSA offers a wide range of chisel dental instruments along with multiple variations. They have a variety of blade dimensions, and shaft lengths that offer exceptional control over surgical procedures. Moreover, it is manufactured with the fine quality of the German stainless_making it durable and increasing the lifespan of the instruments. We also provide chisels with both working ends, which helps practitioners in refining the socket walls amalgam, surfacing of the crown, and cavity preparation. 

In addition, to contribute to the dental industry, we continuously provide high-quality dental instruments so that dentists all over the world deliver the best care. So, let us complete your dental instruments kit, and in return, perform even complicated procedures without facing any hassle. 


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