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Elevators & Periosteal

Dental elevators are essential to the success of every dentist and dental practitioner. Every dental professional needs different types of surgical elevators for extraction. We have manufactured various periosteal elevator surgical instruments, including the Woodson elevator, freer elevator, Selden elevator, Molt elevator, Kramer elevator, Buser surgical elevator, and many more. Our coated surgical periosteal elevator is serving best in all dental procedures. 
Elevators in oral surgery are used to remove roots, loosen teeth, or pull impacted teeth when forceps alone aren’t sufficient. Different circumstances need different elevators, and some dentists may need specific varieties of small elevator dental instruments. By keeping that in mind, we offer a broad range of periosteal elevators so that all dental practitioners have access to an excellent dental periosteal elevator that meets their requirements. We have crafted our range of surgical periosteal elevators with durable stainless material, and every instrument is handcrafted to signify precision and accuracy. 

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