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Coated Instruments

Coated instruments are comprised of a variety of dental tools that are coated with high-grade material to ensure longevity, strength, and maximum durability. With advanced design and ultra-modern technology, we have created a high-quality line of instruments with incredible efficacy and working capability.

The coated dental instruments include various instruments such as Plastic filling instruments, Burnishers, Carvers, Pluggers, and Condensers. All of our coated instruments possess wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-free properties. 

They are crafted with high-grade German stainless steel that guarantees long service life and can be sterilized and cleaned with all traditional processes. Our coated range of tools helps you to obtain maximum work output and excellent clinical performance.

Also, the coated dental instrument's low weight results in ergonomic benefits such as low strain and fatigue of the hands and enhanced potentials of control for precise placement. These advanced tools are a must to have in your dental setup to enhance surgical skills and outcomes. 

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