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Dental burnisher is a dental tool used in contouring, polishing, and smoothening amalgam restorations. It is also used in achieving well-condensed filling by applying pressure and compressing the filling material into the tooth cavity. The smoothly finished, ball-like rounded edges help to obtain the leveled fillings. They are available in both single-ended and double-ended designs. The rounded ball runs smoothly over the surface without penetrating. Different types of burnishers include Ladmore burnisher, Acorn burnisher, Beavertail burnisher, Ball burnisher, and many more.

We have a specially designed dental ball burnisher with advanced quality German stainless material to ensure maximum reliability and longevity. Our designed ball burnisher dental tool is unique in the world, combining efficiency with state-of-the-art composition. The ergonomically friendly design makes them comfortable to use by practitioners with less hand and wrist fatigue. We strive hard to provide convenient and comfortable tools to ensure the best service to your patients.

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