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Dental Rongeurs & Retractors

Dental Retractors are useful tools used in a variety of dental procedures. The instrument is used to retract the cheeks, tongue, and lips out of the way facilitating surgical access. They are a great way to hold the patient’s mouth open throughout the surgical procedure. These dental mouth retractors are formed by durable German-grade stainless steel material. These dental retractor instruments come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate the maximum cases. We also offer advanced design Bone rongeur to aid dentists in different dental procedures.

We have manufactured state-of-art dental retractors such as Weider tongue depressor, Micro-Friedman bone rongeur, Lip retractor, and Chalazion mucocele retractor in different sizes. The dental cheek retractor is also available in a variety of styles. It works by locking in place to keep the patient’s mouth open. These instruments are also helpful in dental photography. These mouth retractor dental tools are unique globally, offering the best dental services to our valued customers. Sinus surgery instruments are the dental tools used in a variety of maxillofacial procedures, periodontics, and implantology. These top-quality instruments are made with German stainless steel that guarantees durability.

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