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Cheek Retractor

The Dental Cheek Retractor is a specialized dental instrument for keeping soft tissues away from the teeth during an oral surgical process. It is also known as a "mouth opener." 

This dental tool assists the dentist by keeping the mouth open throughout the procedure. Thus, it lessens surgeons' hand fatigue by holding back the cheek, tongue, and other oral structures.

The dental cheek retractor gives dentists a clear view of the buccal cavity, so the dentist can efficiently perform the procedure without hurting the nearby tissues. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the dental tool makes it easy to use.

In addition, the dental instrument is German-forged, featuring high-tensile strength and requiring low maintenance. They are resistant to environmental changes, making them rustproof and durable. Also, these lightweight tools are easy to hold and operate during surgeries.

All these features make dental cheek retractors more efficient and effective. In addition, it efficiently increases the working space for dentists. So, it reduces the chances of accidental injury to adjacent structures during treatment.

Moreover, we offer multiple variations of this dental tool with ergonomic designs. The different variations are:

• University of Minnesota retractor, Lindo serrated
• Cheek retractor angled
• Bayonet retractor 15cm
• Small retractor
• Retractor 1R
• Columbia retractor 14cm

These different sizes and design variations give the dentist more options in choosing the ideal one for the ongoing dental procedure. 

Besides, GerDentUSA offers customization options to provide dental tools according to the customer's demands. In addition, our dental tools are long-lasting and durable. We also offer budget-friendly instruments with innovative features. 

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