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Implant Osteotomes

Dental osteotomes are surgical instruments used in dental implant surgeries. These instruments are used in many ways during implant procedures, such as cutting, compressing, or deforming bones to facilitate accurate dental implant placement. Different designs of dental osteotome instruments are manufactured to facilitate the implantation process. They are available in round, flat, and in a variety of shaped blades. Each shape of the osteotome possesses a specific function to perform during implant surgeries.

The straight osteotome is also available in different styles and sizes to facilitate dental implant procedures. The round osteotomes help in bone compression and sinus lift procedures. These osteotomes dental tools compact the bone, resulting in greater density, which is suitable to support the implant at the initial stages. Our advanced designed osteotomes dental implant instruments can provide you with the best clinical outcomes. Their top-quality stainless steel composition ensures the longevity and durability of the instruments.

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