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Straight Handle Convex

Orthodontic Osteotomes are designed to cut and prepare the bone for dental implantation. These osteotomes feature a straight handle and convex tip at the distal end for easy dental implant placement.

Have a look at the following patterns:
•    Osteotome 5.5mm (4-6-8-10-13-16-18-20-23-26mm)
•    Osteotome 5.0mm (4-6-8-10-13-16-18-20-23-26mm)
•    Osteotome 4.3mm (4-6-8-10-13-16-18-20-23-26mm)
•    Osteotome 3.5mm (4-6-8-10-13-16-18-20-23-26mm)

These osteotomes are made from German surgical stainless steel. So, all these instruments are reused after sterilization.

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