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Calipers / Retractors

Dental calipers play an essential role in dental surgical procedures. These instruments are used to measure small spaces in the mouth, e.g., the space between the bone and teeth. We offer the best quality, affordable calipers in a variety of sizes and styles with different measuring capabilities. This caliper surgical instrument is an important tool used in surgical, orthodontic, and restorative procedures. Our advanced bone caliper dental tool is manufactured to measure even the smallest spaces with precision and ease.

We deal with an extensive range of implant calipers to facilitate any dental implant procedure. We have designed our caliper dental instrument with high-quality German stainless steel with a pointed measuring scale and finger ring design that ensures proper reach to the teeth. The finger ring design provides proper grip, make it ideal for different surgical procedures. Different types of calipers are available such as Sliding caliper, Boley gauge caliper, Castroviejo caliper, and many more. These calipers work with excellent accuracy and comfort.

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