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The probe is also known as “Periodontal Probe.” It is used to measure the depth of periodontal pockets and gingival sulcus in mm. This measurement helps in evaluating the extent of periodontal support. These dental probes also act as a ruler that has markings in millimeters. The markings in mm are mentioned onto the instrument head for accurate readability. It is a common dental used widely used in dental armamentarium. It features a thin and long handle and blunt ends. This instrument features multiple types, and these types are based on the manner of its measurement indication on the instrument tip. The instrument body is manufactured from premium-grade German surgical stainless material. The instrument is ideal for long-term use because it is reusable after sterilization. The stainless body of the instrument requires very low maintenance. GerDentUSA provides a broad range of dental instruments along with different features. All these instruments are perfect to be part of your dental kit.
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