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Anglevator Extraction Set With Stainless Steel Handle

SKU: GD50-5155
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This unique extraction tool kit contains three different Anglevators for efficient tooth removal from the alveolar bone. It includes 3 mm Left, 3 mm Right, and 5 mm Spade Anglevators.

$399.99 $299.99

Our Anglevator Extraction Set with Stainless Steel Handle has all the tools with sharp tips, each varying in size. The sharp tips efficiently separate the periodontal ligament from the alveolar bone without causing any damage to the nearby tissues. The thick stainless-steel handles provide a firm grip on the tool to reduce the possibility of accidental injuries. The long shanks also help to reach deep periodontal spaces easily.

We use German stainless steel in our tool manufacturing to make them robust and durable. They are also ergonomically designed to reduce the surgeon’s hand fatigue. Besides, all the tools in our set are:

• Rust proof
• Inert to many chemical reactions
• Easily sterilizable
• Reusable  


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