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Endo Explorer Double Ended EX23 - DG 16

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These are specifically designed dental instruments used for exploring and locating calcified canals and detecting fractures. With two functional ends, it aids in assessing root canal anatomy efficiently.

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Categories: Endodontic Explorer

The Endo Explorer Double Ended EX23 - DG 16 is a specialized instrument designed for dentists to navigate and explore root canals during endodontic procedures. The instrument features a double-ended design with two distinct tips: the DG 16 tip for navigating canals and identifying ledges and the EX23 tip for removing debris and exploring the canal anatomy. 

Efficiently explore canals with the Endo Explorer Double Ended EX23 - DG 16. Shop Now!

  Medical-grade Stainless Steel
  Curved And Angled Ends
  Long Handle


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