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Root Tip Picks

It is a delicate dental instrument used to remove root tips that break away from the tooth during extraction. It is also called a root tip pick elevator. The fine sharp tip of the instrument can reach narrower areas easily. It can be single-ended or double-ended.
We have various types and variations of this special tool. 
Some important types are:
•    Apical Root Tip Picks
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks
•    Howard Root Tip Picks
•    Root Tip Pick

All these types are crafted from German stainless steel. Moreover, they are ergonomic in design. The high-quality material makes the instrument durable and long-lasting. In addition, it is lightweight and rust-free.
We keep in mind the standard requirements while manufacturing any instrument. Except, all instruments are performance-tested. Make our root tip pick the part of your dental kit for performing atraumatic extraction procedures.

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