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Howard Root Tip Picks

This special type of root tip picks is used for removing root tips. Moreover, it is suitable for root teasing procedures.
The fine tip of the instrument enables you to build up a phenomenal pressure for luxation in a radical direction. In addition. It is a perfect match for the contour of the tooth. 
Our Howard root tip picks are available in multiple variations, including:

•    Howard Root Tip Picks 2/3 Double Ended
•    Howard Root Tip Picks 5 Inside Bent
•    Howard Root Tip Picks 4 Outside Bent
•    Howard Root Tip Picks 3 Left Angle
•    Howard Root Tip Picks 2 Right Angle
•    Howard Root Tip Picks 1 Straight

All these variations are forged from stainless steel material, which makes them reusable after sterilization. Our instruments are performance tested. We understand the standard requirements and are adept at fulfilling them. Our Howard root tip picks are perfect to be part of your dental kit.

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