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Heidbrink Root Tip Picks

The Heidbrink root tip picks are designed for delicate root teasing procedures. They are also available in a "heavy" pattern for more substantial root tip removal procedures. They are single as well as double-ended instruments.
The sharp fine tip and ergonomic handle grip make our Heidbrink Root Tip Pick an effective dental instrument.
We have manufactured multiple variations in the instrument. They are listed below.
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Pick 2, Right Angle
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks 1 Straight
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks 13/14 Double Ended
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks 5 Bayonet Inside
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks 4 Bayonet Outside
•    Heidbrink Root Tip Picks 3 Left Angle
All these variations meet the standard requirements. Different tip angles fulfill multiple needs. The prime quality stainless steel makes our instrument rust-free and durable. Moreover, they are lightweight and easily operated.

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