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The dental retractors help hold the mucoperiosteal flaps, tongue, lips, and cheeks away from the surgical site.

Our list of dental surgical retractors includes:

   Austin Retractor
   Bishop Retractor
   Blade Retractor
   Chalazion Retractor
   Gingival Retractor

Our dental retractors are made from German surgical stainless steel. Thus, they can be reused after sterilization. Furthermore, this tool helps open the mouth wide to prevent the access of stimulating drugs on the cheeks and lips. In addition, they provide a smooth surface to make the working area highly comfortable. This retracting instrument gives an unobstructed view to diagnose and treat the oral cavity. There are several sizes available to accommodate different age groups of people. This oral surgical utensil is the easiest method to keep the mouth open for longer in procedures. With the assistance of dental retractors, a dentist can do the oral inspection and treatment efficaciously.

Moreover, it is suitable enough to retract or hold the lips, cheeks, mucoperiosteal flaps, and tongue away from the surgical region. It also has another name: sweetheart retractor due to its unique heart shape. The patterns available in this instrument include small, medium, and large. Hence, this tongue depressor utensil is available in several variations, so the user can choose the one that is highly accommodating to their needs.

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