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Dental Osteotomes are effectively used to enhance the placement of dental implants. The name itself denotes the meaning of work, which means it is a bone-deforming or bone-cutting instrument.

These cutting instruments have the following patterns:
•    Ridge Spreader
•    Long Offset Handle Concave Pattern
•    Long Offset Handle Convex Pattern 
•    Short Offset Handle Concave Pattern
•    Short Straight Handle Concave Pattern 

The dental osteotome instruments generally feature a wedge shape with varying steepness of tape and one working end. A long metal shank provides a firm grip to the users. As a bone-manipulating instrument, this tool acts as a catalyst in preparing the bone for the implanting procedures. One of the major features of this handheld instrument is_it doesn’t produce heat. Which increases the comfort for the surgeons as well as the control over the maxillary technique. Additionally, variations include flat blades, cupped or D-shaped ends, and pointed tips. Different configurations are useful in compressing, cutting, or deforming the bone during implant surgery.

We offer multiple variations in these instruments. For instance, dental osteotomes with a concave pattern lift the socket in sinus-lift treatments. This also has a stopper. Meanwhile, the convex design is used to work on bone density. So, let us complete your surgical kit_and perform your surgical procedures in a seamless manner. 

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