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Tweezers, Tissue Forceps, Adson, Curved, 1X2 12cm

SKU: GD-2932
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These Adson Tissue Forceps are used for tissue grasping, handling, and manipulation. It features a unique thumb-pressing design that accommodates many surgical procedures.

It is purely crafted from high-grade German surgical stainless material. It is thus useful for long-term use after sterilization.


Tissue Forceps are widely used in surgical procedures to hold or grasp the tissues. These tweezer forceps feature 1X2 teeth to hold the delicate tissues securely. Generally, these Adson forceps are specifically designed to reduce the risk of any damage to biological tissues. We craft this versatile instrument with German surgical stainless material.

It comes in multiple variations so that you can select the ideal one for your surgical kit. These forceps are robust, durable, and perfect for the long-term. Very low maintenance is required. A stainless body of the instrument is perfect to be a part of your surgical kit. It is crafted in an ideal length of 12cm along with curved teeth 1X2. Both these features make this instrument perfect for tissue manipulation.

GerDentUSA offers a wide range of amazing Adson Tissue Forceps. Millions of surgeons throughout the globe rely on and use our surgical instruments that set standards in the surgery field. All our versatile instruments are perfect for long-term use. We enable the world's top care community to effectively manage their surgical practices and deliver quality care to patients. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp.


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