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Retractor & Skin Hook Instruments

Retractor instruments are widely used instruments in a variety of dental procedures. The high-quality, stainless steel mouth gags and cheek retractors guarantee safer and more effective operations. Our range of durable mouth gags and dental surgery retractors includes everything you require to hold mouth tissue in place. The Mouth gags and retractor instruments keep the tongue, gums, lips, or cheeks in position. With these delicate tissues protected, there is more room for a safer procedure. These instrument hook retractors come in different types of shapes to provide you the exact hold you require.

The lever-release mechanism of retractors helps to hold the mouth open to achieve the operating space tightly. The surgical retractors are available in sizes for infants, children, and adults. The collection of our innovative designed retractors and hook surgical instruments include Cheek retractor, Sternberg retractor, Austin retractor, Lip retractor, Chalazion mucocele retractor, Weider tongue retractor, Gillies skin hook, Joseph skin hook, and many others with various shapes and sizes. Get depressors, retractors, and surgical mouth gags you want for safe and efficient dental work.

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