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Bone Files

Bone files play an essential role in the bone carving, smoothening, and removing of small spicules of bone in narrow bone areas. The surgical bone file instrument is rounded and offers an easy way of working. The bone files are designed to have one or two working ends, with different styles to fulfill the surgeon's requirements. The serrated shape of bone file dental instrument makes it perfect to be used in dental and general surgical procedures. Our bone file dental instruments are manufactured with German stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and strength.

We are offering a wide range of bone file instruments such as Miller bone file BF45, BF21, BF3X, BF2X, BF1X, Wahl bone file BF2W, and BF1W. All of our crafted instruments provide excellent service and optimal clinical performance. Our dental bone files are made with a round handle with a variety of serrated edges so you can get just what you’re finding.

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