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Bone File

The bone file is an important dental surgical instrument. It features single or double ends with a non-slippery handle grip to ensure maximum control during the procedure. Dental experts use this special instrument for carving bone and removing small bony segments. It perfectly works in the narrow areas of the dental surgical site.

For removing tiny bone spicules from constrained bone areas, dental bone files perform the function of a bone carver. Since it features spherical working ends, it is convenient to move it between soft tissues and the bones that need to be scraped off.

These dental instruments are available with one as well as two working ends with various diameters to meet surgeons’ needs. The serrated design of bone file instruments is ideal for removing bony material without hurting the encompassing structures. 

We have a variety of dental bone dental files. All of them are ergonomic in design and feature robust structures. Moreover, many size variations for these special dental tools are available to assist dental professionals. 

Our lightweight and high-tensile dental surgical instruments allow dentists to perform error-free smooth surgeries. In addition, they are German-forged, making them rust-free, reusable, and sterilizable. 

Our top-of-the-line bone file dental instrument includes: 

Miller Bone File BF45: Designed for smoothing and shaping bone in dentistry. 
Miller Bone File, BF21: Features double ends and straight cut-serrations for contouring the bony structures in dental procedures.
Miller Bone File, BF3X: Have wide working ends and cross-cut files
Miller Bone File, BF2X: Featuring brush-like long working ends and a non-slippery round handle.

Moreover, there are many other variations of dental bone files to accommodate dentists in every situation. All these types and variations are delicately crafted to be carried out during dental procedures ideally. 

Besides, we are open to customizing any instrument for you to advance your dental practice as you desire. Our budget-friendly dental files and other instruments find no match regarding quality.

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