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Surgical Curettes

A surgical curette is an instrument used in an excision or cleaning operation to scrap or de bridge biological tissue or debris. In design, the curette is a simple hand-activated instrument. Somewhat similar in design to a stylus, a simple pick, hook, or gouge is placed at the tip of the curette.

Curettage is the mechanism by which dental tartar is extracted from the teeth layers. A root planing is when the root surfaces are smoothed, and any damaged tooth structure is removed. The operation is done under local anesthetic, and the surgical curette instrument makes it less painful for patients.

Both procedures can be performed with this dental surgical instrument. This will also reduce the user’s efforts and encourage them to work with secure instruments. After sterilization, these instruments are reusable. Therefore, GerDentUSA offers an extensive range of surgical curettes. All these curettes are crafted in multiple variations to accommodate dentists’ preferences.

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