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Orthodontic Cutter

Orthodontic cutters are used for cutting hard wires in orthodontic appliances. As orthodontic work is quite demanding and can’t be completed successfully without using the different types of wire cutters. So, while keeping in mind the needs of the dentist, we offer a broad range of dental cutters such as:

•    Orthodontic Distal End Cutter
•    Orthodontic Flush Cutter
•    Orthodontic Hard Wire Cutter
•    Orthodontic Wire Cutter

Moreover, having two tapered beaks rounded out by sharp cutting-ends, makes the process of cutting hard wires atraumatic. Thus whether you’re searching for distal end cutters, pin and ligature cutters, or other orthodontic wire cutters, you don't need to go anywhere else. GerDentUSA is here to fulfill all your clinical needs. We offer orthodontic braces wire cutters with multiple features. In addition to this, all our instruments are sharp, durable, and robust. We also offer customization options for the instruments to satisfy your personal needs. Our satisfactory customer retention rate indicates that all our clients rely on our specifically designed high-quality wire cutters to snip wires without making the dental procedures and treatments painful for the patients. 

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