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Luxating Elevator Curved, Short Handle Set of 6

SKU: GD50-634
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Luxating Elevator Curved, Short Handle Set of 6 with different tip diameters to assist dentists in multiple tooth extraction cases.

The Set Includes:
GD50-7002C - Luxating Elevator 1.5mm Curved, Short Handle
GD50-7003C - Luxating Elevator 2mm Curved, Short Handle
GD50-7004C - Luxating Elevator 3mm Curved, Short Handle
GD50-7005C - Luxating Elevator 4mm Curved, Short Handle
GD50-7006C - Luxating Elevator 5mm Curved, Short Handle
GD50-7007C - Luxating Elevator 6mm Curved, Short Handle

$539.70 $485.73

The luxating Elevator is come up with multiple variations to aid in easy tooth extraction. These dental surgical instruments are manufactured with:

•    Set of 6
•    Curved Pattern
•    Fine Quality
•    Multiple Sizes


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