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Dental Diagnostic Instruments

Dental diagnostic instrument set is a need of every dentist. It comprises different types of mirrors, explorers, and probes. Dental experts widely use these instruments for diagnostic and treatment purposes. We offer a huge collection of dental instruments. Every instrument is made with high-quality German stainless steel material that ensures maximum durability and resistance against corrosion and rust. 

The dental diagnostic instruments are used to examine the oral cavity, detect tooth decay and calculus, check gum sensitivity, tooth extraction, and root canal surgery. The instruments are available in different sizes and styles to aid dentists. Various types of dental explorer and probes are available with different innovative styles to examine cavities and help the dentist make the best diagnosis.

These advanced dental instruments are specially designed to keep the dentist's convenience and ease in mind. The smooth and polished finishing of dental mirrors decreases light reflection, thus avoiding eye fatigue. The large diameter and long-sized handle help reduce the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome in dental experts. 

Our wide range of dental instruments is ergonomically designed to fit best for the dentist and other dental experts' daily use. We are also offering customized size dental instruments according to your need and requirements. 
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