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Explorer And Probe

Dental Explorer and Probe is a specially designed dental instrument. Basically, it is a diagnostic tool. One end of this instrument work as an explorer while the other one is a probe. The Explorer end helps surgeons explore different dental defects, including calculus, enamel, and impacted tissues. It is also helpful in identifying the carries between the teeth. Besides, this pointed end can easily find resorptive lesions. While on the other hand, the probe part of the instrument is used to measure the depth of periodontal pockets and the gingival sulcus in mm. And this measurement helps in evaluating the extent of periodontal support.  

This unique dental explorer and probe instrument is forged from surgical-grade stainless steel material which makes it robust, lightweight, sterilizable, and durable. With its non-slippery firm grip handle, surgeons can easily use it during dental diagnosis.
Meeting all the standard requirements, this specially designed probe and explorer two-in-one instrument is the best fit for your dental kit, instead of keeping two separate tools. We understand the requirements of the experts and manufacture our instruments accordingly.

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