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Dressing Pliers

Dressing pliers are special dental surgical instruments. Their basic job is to carry material in and out of the patient’s mouth during oral procedures. They are also ideal for carrying liquid medication. Ergonomically designed beaks of the instruments can grasp the material securely. 

We offer multiple variations of dental dressing pliers, including:

    2L College Locking Pliers 16cm
•    2 College Dressing Pliers 16cm
    College Dressing Pliers with Lock 16cm
    Dressing Pliers #18, 16cm
    18L Locking Dressing Pliers 16cm
    Perry Dressing Plier #1, 12.5cm
    Meriam Dressing Pliers with Lock 16cm
    Meriam Dressing Pliers 16cm

These variations help meet different requirements during a dental surgical procedure. All these types have German stainless steel as a primary material. They have serrated, plain, and fine breaks for effective grasping. Moreover, they are durable and long-lasting. They can be sterilized for reuse. Most importantly, they are easy to hold and do not cause surgeons’ hand fatigue. Ergonomic design and robust structure make our dressing plier dental instruments a perfect choice for your dental surgical kit.

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