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Chandler Bone Chisel #2

SKU: GD50-1449
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The blade of the Chandler Bone Chisel #2 is curved and only beveled on one side, in contrast to other bone chisels. With this tool, getting access to the ridges around the bones is simple when shoving the bones to make room for artificial implant hardware. It is also perfect for bone grafting procedures. The instrument's 5mm pointed edge aids in effectively shaping and smoothing the jaw bones.

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Our Chandler Bone Chisel #2 has a knurled handle that is easy to hold and ensures optimum control when being used. It also boasts a superb finish and is free from material or workmanship flaws.
Furthermore, the instrument is:
• High-tensile
• Reusable 
• mono-beveled
• German stainless steel-made


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