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Simplify Tooth Extraction with Dental Periotome

Simplify Tooth Extraction with Dental Periotome

Tooth extraction is a time-consuming and stressful procedure for patients and dentists. The process can be made much quicker and effortless by the use of appropriate tooth extraction tools. The tools that you use inside your clinic need to be efficient, versatile, and durable. Other than that, the instruments should cause any trauma to your patient. However, to simplify more tooth extraction, peristomes are preferred.

When the dentist rushes the process, the tooth may get fractured. Thus, it complicates the whole procedure and needs more effort and time to retrieve roots in the alveolus. The key for tooth extraction is taking time for root mobilization. So, it may remove with no damage. These periotomes instruments work on the principle of luxator, as they require less hand force to luxate the roots. Moreover, it assures a gentle experience for the patients and alleviates the fear for future dental treatments. 

The dental Periotomes are used to aid in the extraction of teeth. These are slender instruments and are handheld. They aid in severing the fibers around the tooth to ease the extraction process. In addition, the instrument preserves the anatomy of the socket. In short you can say!

It aids in Atraumatic tooth removal and helps in post-operative healing and further replacement of teeth

Design of Dental Periotomes

The Periotomes have a thin tapering tip. The blade is sharp and thin. The blade and handles come in different designs. The shank is available in straight and contra-angled varieties. The contra angled type comes into use for posterior teeth. The handle has serrations to allow firm operator grip.
The metallic blade is wedged down the periodontal ligament space. This is done repetitively and in a circumferential pattern. The Periotome also severs Sharpey's fibers. So, it makes enough space to allow extraction. The tooth is extracted with little lateral pressure.

Difference Between an Elevator, Periotome, And Luxators

An elevator comes in use with a prying motion. Luxators come in use with a rotating motion. But, Periotome requires no force and is for vertical luxation. Vertical luxation requires no force. This makes extractions as clean as possible. Due to the thinness of the instrument, it makes it easier not to damage the soft tissues. The Periotome is flat, sharp, and efficient.
Moreover, if used correctly, it may come in use for removing root tips. Also, it can come in use for removing retained roots. This is without compromising the gingival architecture. It also aids in the extraction of teeth. This is without necessitating the reflection of soft tissues. It allows quick and effective healing post-operatively.

Dental Periotome’s Maintenance

Instrument maintenance is easy as it only requires a periodic examination to ensure good performance. Mobile parts of the dental extraction instruments should be inspected. The sharpness of the instrument needs to remain intact. Otherwise, instruments tend to get blunt over time. Care needs to be taken to avoid the overuse of the instrument. The dentist tool instrument has to be sterilized after use to ensure the safety of the patient.

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