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Role of Dental Retractors in Dentistry

Role of Dental Retractors in Dentistry

Retractors play a very crucial role during surgical procedures. These mouth spreaders increase the working space for the operator. An ideal retractor has many favorable characteristics, such as absorbability and increased working space. The retractors are positioned inside the patient's mouth. They are supposed to be inside throughout the whole procedure. Hence, patient comfort must be your top priority.

Dental Retractors are Must-Have options for All Dental & Oral healthcare Surgeons

Retractors are used during restorative procedures. They can also come in use while doing crown preparations and filling procedures. They come into use while orthodontic treatment is going on. They are also used during extraction procedures. In short, almost every procedure requires the use of retractors. Dental retractors hence come in different patterns and sizes.

Different Types of Retractors

Dental Cheek Retractors come into use for the retraction of structures in the mouth. During oral surgical procedures, the visual field must be clear. Retractors come in use to retract structures, so the operative site is clear.

Lips, cheeks, and tongue have to be retracted to prevent them from unnecessary trauma. Dental retractors prevent the hindrance of these tissues. They keep them in a retracted state. This is throughout the procedure to help the operator. Dental retractors hence play a very important role during operative procedures.

Austin and Minnesota Retractors

Austin and Minnesota retractors retract the cheeks and thick mucoperiosteal flaps. They come in use for oral surgeries. They aid in the visibility of the surgical site. Minnesota retractor is an offset broad, tongue-like tool that is wide and thick. This allows it to retract wide structures and hold them away.

The Austin retractor, in comparison, is an L-shaped dental instrument. It comes in use for the retraction of mucoperiosteal flaps. Apart from these dental retractors, the following are some significant types:

•    Weider Retractor
•    Langenbeck Retractor
•    Farabeuf and Cheek Retractor

Other Cheek and Lip Retractors

The bishop retractor comes in use to hold back the lips and cheeks. Lip retractor also serves the same purpose. It is for better visualization of the dentition. It has a large frame but is lightweight and serves the same purpose of retracting lips and cheeks. The lip retractor is for the retraction of lips. It has a metallic frame with two parallel rods and a curved end. The curved end is used to hold back the lips. Some lip and cheek retractors are:

Rake and Shuman Retractor

This retractor has a handle and prongs. The prongs may be sharp or blunt. Furthermore, the retractor is for use in the retraction of soft tissues required during a surgical procedure.

Mouth Gag Retractor

Mouth Gag Retractor comes into use during oral surgical procedures. These mouth retractors are suitable for the application of slow, gradual force to prop the mouth open. Furthermore, this instrument has broad serrated blades. The retractor’s blades rest on the occlusal surface of molars. The blades are used for the application of force.

Gingival Retractor

Gingival retractors hold the gingiva away during dental surgical procedures. This is for better access to the surgical site. Holding back the gingiva is also important for good impression making of the site. It also protects the soft tissues during cavity preparations. They also come in use for composite placement. This is a double-ended instrument available in many different designs. Different designs include curved shanks, and straight shanks are available.

Chalazion Retractor

Chalazion retractor is used for holding cheeks, lips, and tongue. It is also for holding mucoperiosteal flaps. It has a rounded end and a tweezer-like body. The ends have circular rings that help to hold away the soft tissues.

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