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Rongeur Instruments

Rongeur instruments are mainly used in tooth extraction procedures. The rongeur surgical instrument is also used to cut bone and tissue with comfort for quick healing and better results. Our high-quality manufactured stainless steel rongeurs comprise a variety of sizes and advanced designs. The bone rongeurs dental instruments help in cutting through the bone and tissue efficiently and professionally. These plier-like instruments play a vital role in any oral surgical procedure. By keeping this in mind, we have manufactured all our oral surgery instruments to meet the supreme quality standards. 
Our specially designed Baby Blumenthal Rongeur features a slightly curved beak angled at 30 degrees and a durable stainless steel double-spring open/close component that makes it perfect for trimming tissue in all areas of the mouth. You can customize them in many ways according to your requirement. Our customized range of products is specially manufactured to fulfill your individual needs according to your comfort level. 

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