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Micro Friedman Bone Rongeur

Micro Friedman Bone Rongeur is a specially designed dental instrument. Dentists use it to cut and remove small alveolar bone fragments during tooth extraction procedures. It is an ideal choice for dentists, as it does not cause any damage to the nearby oral structures and tissues. 

• Plier style design 
• Spring action mechanism 
• Robust structure 

The plier-style handle with a spring action mechanism provides better torque. Thus, the jaws at the distal end open and close quickly. The non-slip surface of the handles also ensures maximum control over the tool. Therefore, they reduce the chances of accidental injuries due to instrument slippage. 

The jaws also provide a firm grip on the alveolar bone and other bony structures. In addition, we made this instrument with high-quality surgical-grade material, which makes it robust. Above all, our tool has an ergonomic design to reduce strains on the dentists’ hands. So they can perform the tooth extraction procedure efficiently. 

Additionally, our instrument is easily autoclavable and reusable. Its surface is also inert to many chemical reactions, making it long-lasting. It also needs little maintenance when used appropriately. 

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