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Debridment Curettes

Debridement curettes are often used after definitive hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling to remove residual deposits. They also work to smoothen the root surfaces. These periodontal debridement curettes consist of very small, rounded working end.

These small round-shaped blades allow for adaptation to very deep pockets and can be used in any direction, e.g., horizontal, vertical, or oblique in a push stroke. It consists of a very long terminal shank. The 1.5mm blade of the curette circles the whole rim.

The unique design of curettes easily adapts to grooves and line angles. We have manufactured different models of debridement curettes. They range from 1/2 to 7/8 in sizes. Each of the designed models is made to fulfill a specific function.

All of our uniquely crafted curettes work efficiently to deliver the best services. The ergonomically friendly structure makes them comfortable using fewer chances of occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist pain conditions.

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