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Operative Plugger / Condenser

Operative plugger is one of the dental surgical instruments used by dentists in various surgeries. These instruments are also known as condensers. The operative condenser comes with flat working ends that helps to pack filling materials into cavity preparations. They also facilitate root canal procedures.

We have manufactured operative pluggers with high-standard German stainless material for their longevity and endurance. Their coated composition allows excellent non-stick placement of materials without staining the restoration. 

We offer a wide variety of pluggers with innovative designs such as Oregon plugger, English pattern plugger, Back action plugger, Tanner plugger, and many more. These are available in different sizes to best fit according to your requirements. Their different angled tips help in achieving accurate dental outcomes.

We also deal with custom-made instruments to aid you with the best of our services. We assure the consistency and reliability of our surgical instruments, delivering maximum efficiency and performance quality. 

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