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Matrix Retainers

Matrix retainers are dental devices used to hold a matrix band on the tooth in position. These instruments are manufactured with high-quality German stainless steel with excellent craftsmanship for ideal results and precision.

We have created different types of matrix retainers with advanced quality, such as Ivory matrix retainer, Tofflemire matrix retainer, Siqveland matrix retainer, and many more. The ivory matrix retainer has claws that interact in holes strategically placed within the band to allow for teeth of various circumferences. The Siqveland matrix retainer is self-adjusting and works efficiently. 

The ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and productivity. Their advanced-designed matrix bands offer incredible stability. The non-slip handles ensure perfect grip to obtain optimal performance. These matrix retainer tools are designed in such a way that they guarantee a high degree of precision and flexibility to achieve efficient clinical outcomes. The instruments are the best to aid you in your dental procedures with their advanced technology composition. 

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