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Matrix Retainer

The Dental Matrix Retainer is used to hold metal bands or strips firmly around the tooth. The dental retainer holds the band in place when filling material is being packed into place during surgery. Matrics are being placed to restore interproximal when the decayed or impacted tooth doesn’t have a proximal surface. Meanwhile, dental retainers having a matrix band and retainers, help dentists to counter and shape the tooth for a proper bite. 

These matrix retainer dental instruments have the following patterns: 

•    Ivory Matrix Retainer
   Siqveland Matrix Retainer
   Tofflemire Matrix Retainer

With over 30 years of industry experience, GerDentUSA has perfected the techniques of manufacturing all types of dental surgical instruments and selling them at cost-effective prices. Similarly, dental retainers are ideally crafted to ensure a firm grip over metal strips and bands around the tooth. Their unique screw and unscrew mechanism make the surgical procedures less complicated, time-consuming as well as more effective. All our instruments are handcrafted using German forged stainless material, making them extremely durable and easy to sterilize. Furthermore, customization is one of the major reasons that we stand out from our competitors. Our skilled craftsmen can custom-build the tools according to your requirements.

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