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Cleoid Discoid

Dental carving is a sensitive procedure. It needs great care while carving anatomical features, smoothing surfaces, and trimming excess materials. So, the availability of the best fit instrument is essential to avoid any damage and carry out the procedure effectively.

Cleoid Discoid is a unique dental instrument used during restoration procedures to fill amalgam and plastic material. It has two ends; one is round while the other is sharply pointed. 

The round-shaped end of the instrument is called a "discoid," as it features a disc-like structure. After condensation, it aids in locating margins and gets rid of flash to start fosse formation. The other end is Cleoid, derived from the Latin word for claw. It assists dentists in honing grooves and developing triangular ridges.

This special dental instrument has a comfortable handle grip to limit stress and maximize tactile sensation to the surgeon’s hand while trimming excess filling material. In addition, the handle improves control to prevent any complications as the cleoid end of the instrument has a sharp tip. 

Additionally, Discoid Cleiod is ideal for contouring, placing, and carving amalgam. So, it is an important instrument for dental restorations. It also helps carve amalgam or wax into a natural anatomical form.

We have a variety of Discoid Cleoid to help dental surgeons. All of the instruments are ideally manufactured to meet standard requirements. Our cutting-edge Dicoid Cleiod dental instruments include:

• Cleoid Discoid Wacd: Featuring both ends curved.
• Cleoid Discoid, CD4/5: Featuring straight tips.
• Cleoid Discoid, CD3/6: Have curved discoid and cleoid ends.
• Cleoid Discoid, CD89/92: With both ends slightly curved.
• Cleoid Discoid Vignon: Features thin, sharp, and curved tips.

Furthermore, all these types have size and design variations. They are all German-forged, making them high-tensile and autoclavable. They are also rust-free and reusable for years. Moreover, all our dental surgical instruments are crafted with precision and accuracy to improve the clinical practice of dental professionals. 

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