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Crile Wood Needle Holder

Crile Wood Needle Holder is a dental surgical instrument. Crile Wood Needle Holders are commonly used for holding the suturing needle. The needle holder's unique ratchet lock technology and finger-ring handles provide a firm grip to the users during surgery. The tungsten carbide jaws assure firm holding and reduce chances of slippage. It gives perfect results when dentists need a durable and reliable instrument. The short inserts are made of high-quality German metals. These unique needle holders are made of medical-grade stainless steel. They are rust-free, durable, and reliable surgical instruments. They do not bend easily. Environmental changes do not affect the body of the instruments. Crile Wood Needle Holder is an ideal instrument to be a part of your unique dental surgical kit. GerDentUSA is committed to providing a top line of dental instruments along with various features and variations. All our instruments are manufactured according to the need of the dental practices. These versatile instruments are durable and ideal for long-term use.

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