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Modified Dental Forceps Cowhorn 23

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The Modified Dental Forceps Cowhorn 23 extracts lower molar teeth; they are pumped into the furcation to facilitate elevation. They can also be used to split the tooth. Without causing excessive blood loss and tissue damage, this forceps aid in easy and swift extractions.

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The cow horn dental forceps' autoclavable design helps to clench and remove bad molar teeth and roots from the alveolar bone. The lower lip, gums, and inner mouth remain safe during extraction maneuverings. The long, straight, and rough handle with the unique pointed and sharp beak of dental cowhorn forceps help extract massively destructed tooth and root with ease. The medical-grade German stainless steel body of the tools is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and reusable. After sterilization, these instruments be disinfected and unable to spread infections. Without any potential fear, they can perform multiple surgeries. The Modified Dental Forceps Cowhorn 23 can be a part of your surgical kit for a longer time.


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