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Mini Forceps 150 - Tooth Extraction Tool

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The Mini Forceps 150 is used to extract molar root and teeth from the narrow areas of alveolar bone. They can reach into the tight spaces at the back of the mouth and help smooth teeth extracting procedures.

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The Mini Forceps 150 are designed to extract teeth from the boney socket from the left and right quadrants. The long and straight handle with a serrated beak fits nicely on the mouth's facial and narrow areas. This stainless material helps in quick and smooth dental processes. The medical-grade German stainless body is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. After sterilization, these instruments can be reused.

GerDentUSA offers an extensive range of dental instruments with multiple variations. Our versatile forceps are perfect to be a part of your unique surgical kit for years if cared for properly. These instruments are widely preferred to perform a broad range of surgical operations. We can also design our surgeons' custom kit packs according to their needs. The instruments are all fine, durable, and sharp.


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