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Periotomes Coated

Periotomes coated instruments are one of our most advanced tools in the dental field. These instruments are used for scraping or splitting bone and severing the periodontal ligament for extractions with minimal damage to the surrounding structures. These tools feature a very thin and sharp blade. These double-ended instruments facilitate the tooth extraction procedures. The coated periotomes are introduced to provide you with the best durability and strength.

The different models of periotomes include Periotome Elio-1, Periotome MS-1, Periotome PPALEA, Periotome PT1, and PT2. The curved-ended periotomes work best with the posterior teeth. Their sharp blades work incredibly to achieve the best results. Manufactured with supreme quality German stainless steel, these instruments meet international quality standards. The smooth body design ensures maximum grip and comfortable handling. We ensure that our designed coated periotomes would be the best choice for you. The instrument features the best clinical outcomes for you and your patients.

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