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GerMed Periotomes Kit Set

SKU: GD50-1445
Availability: In Stock

Germed Periotomes Kit Set is designed for removing retained roots and healthy teeth without damaging the surrounding bones. These instruments are presented in a complete set in which multiple sizes are available.
Set Include:
1 GD50-1436 GerMed Periotome #1 PT4
1 GD50-1437 GerMed Periotome #2 PT5
1 GD50-1438 GerMed Periotome #3
1 GD50-1439 GerMed Periotome #4 PT3
1 GD50-1440 GerMed Periotome #5 Small Gouge
1 GD50-1442 GerMed Periotome #6
1 GD50-1443 GerMed Periotome #7

$763.00 $693.00
Categories: Periotome

Germed Periotomes Kit is used to cut the PDL before tooth extraction. These instruments are come up with the following features: 

•    Set of 8 
•    Superior Quality Metal 
•    Ergonomic Long Handle


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