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The periotome dental instrument is used to cut the periodontal ligament from the tooth root surface. Thus, the tooth can be extracted without driving extraction forceps deep into the periodontal ligament.

The significant Periotome features are:

•    Rustproof
•    German forged
•    Lightweight

It prevents alveolar bone damage. As a result, it is an ideal instrument for dental implant placement. In addition, it features thin sharp blades used to enable teeth extraction with minor damage. The thin working end of the instrument allows the dentist to carefully access the side of the socket wall and prevent any expansion when manipulating the tooth before luxation. Such tools are available in plenty of variations. Therefore, you can choose among the styles to pick the best ones for your extraction procedures.

Moreover, the periotome for extraction is also available with serrations or non-serrations on the blades. Besides, the serrated end will assist in cutting through the stronger ligaments. In contrast, the non-serrated blades will be smooth to make accurate cuts. So, dentists can choose the serrated or non-serrated ones per the surgery’s need. 

As well, our dental periotomes have high tensile strength and require minimal maintenance. The body has a smooth surface to provide superb and ergonomic grip while handling it. There is no flaw in manufacturing the instrument, and it will prove valuable for your clinical settings and patients.

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