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Debridment Curette

Debridement curettes dental instruments used in tooth cleaning and in root planing. These Periodontal curettes tools are manufactured using high quality German stainless steel. Debridement curettes are frequently used after definitive hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling.

Generally, these curettes are very small and feature a rounded working end. It effectively smoothens the root surfaces and helps in the removal of small residual deposits. The shaped blades and small disc allow for the adaptation to deep pockets. It can be easily used in any direction, either horizontal or vertical. It also features a long terminal shank.

Have a look at the following features:

  1. Few mm blade that encircles the entire rim
  2. Pull/push stroke is used
  3. Easily adapted to line angles, grooves, and furcation

Multiple Debridement Curettes used for multiple functions are as follows: 7/8 Anterior Debridement Curette: used for anterior teeth, also suitable for other dental areas. 3/4 Debridement Curette: For distal and mesial surfaces of posterior teeth 5/6 Anterior Debridement Curette: Used for anterior teeth but can be suitable for other dental areas. 1/2 Debridement Curette: Used for lingual and buccal surfaces of posterior teeth.

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