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Ridge Split Chisel

Ridge Split Chisel is widely used for lateral ridge augmentation to enhance bone support for the implant insertion. The incredible split chisel enables the implant insertion at augmentation time without creating any delay in graft consolidation.

This dental chisel can also be used in conjunction with the screw bone expanders that facilitate bone manipulation. It comes in multiple variations. Each pattern has different width and length in multiple blade thicknesses.

These various blade thicknesses permit the user to use chisel in many narrow ridges. The blades of these instruments are calibrated with score lines marked at multiple increments lengths.

All these chisels are manufactured from 100% premium grade German surgical stainless material. All these instruments are reusable after sterilization.

The stainless body has high corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The body of the instrument is not affected by heat, pressure, or other environmental changes.

GerDentUSA is committed to providing high-quality dental instruments. All our dental chisels are delicate enough to perform precise functions. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of dental instruments ranging from typical to sophisticated instruments needed for dental practices.

We also provide customize options for the instruments because our scope and range of instruments are not limited to displayed products.

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