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Kirkland Chisel

Kirkland is also known as “Periodontal Chisel.” It is used to remove the remaining tooth fibers or recontour the periodontal bone during periodontal surgical procedures. It features curve tips on both sides to accommodate easy removal.

The curve working ends are helpful in a pull stroke. It is manufacture in large, medium, and broad-end patterns. Kirkland double-ended chisel has multiple variations with respect to working ends.

All our periodontal chisels are manufactured from high-grade German surgical stainless material. All these instruments are reusable after sterilization. The property of reusable adds more versatility for long-term use. The stainless material features high-tensile strength and durability. It is corrosion-resistant.

GerDentUSA provides a broad range of periodontal chisels along with various multiple variations. All these chisels are perfect for meeting dental needs. These instruments are robust, sharp, and durable.

We also have customization options if a dentist wants to design according to their personal preferences. All customized instruments are perfect to be part of your dental kit.

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