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Bone Rongeur

Dental Bone Rongeur is designed for trimming, contouring, and removing the bone during surgery. They help reach the target area easily. Rongeurs resemble pliers and have sharp-edged tips used for cutting through the bone and tissues with ease and leading to faster healing as well. They also play a crucial role in making maxillofacial surgeries successful. A wide variety of these specific tools is available.
Some important patterns include:

•        Beyer Bone Rongeur
•        Blumenthal Bone Rongeur
•        Friedman Bone Rongeurs

We offer an extensive range of bone rongeur along with multiple variations. The ergonomic design meets the surgeon’s requirements. We allow healthcare providers to get access to a variety of sizes and advanced designs. Just like our other instruments, Bone Rongeurs have autoclavable stainless steel material and remain durable and clean.

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