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Root Fragment Forceps

Root fragment forceps are essential instruments used in tooth extraction procedures. The Long, slender, slightly curved tapered beaks are designed to adapt to upper roots and gently enhance the grasp on the roots. We offer a large variety of root fragment forceps in different sizes and tip designs to help you get the best clinical outcomes. With their curved beak, these forceps allow for more access to go deep into the cavity and extract the fragment securely. The specially designed Peet root splinter forceps have grooved tips with thin curved ends perfect for root extraction and are suitable for small teeth. Our Root & Fragment forceps are designed with a long tip and innovative handle for optimum grip. 
GerDentUSA fragment forceps features highly advanced, proven technology with innovative design, ensuring outstanding performance for their working life. We have combined high-class design with user comfort. The highly innovative designs with the best qualities like anti-slip, easy-to-carry, and the reduction of light reflection are what make our instruments stand out from the rest. 

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