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scalers and curettes

Scalers And Curettes are used for root planing, to remove subgingival calculus, and for curettage. These dental instruments are categorized as sickle scalers and curettes. Scalers are heavy and delicate dental instruments used for supra-gingival calculus.

On the other hand, curettes are excellent instruments used for root planing, subgingival scaling, and soft tissue removal under the periodontal pocket. The double-ended instrument features one blade with two cutting edges.

The scaler design is available for moderate, light, and heavy deposit removal. It is ideal for posterior and anterior applications. The dental curettes are adapted with a lower cutting edge, and the terminal shank is parallel to the surface of the tooth being scaled.

The dentists apply lateral pressure against the root and pull upward while stabilizing the parallel shank. The offset blade makes an angle of 70°. The angle makes one cutting edge as a lower edge. The set of Gracey curettes are used to scale the dentition completely.

GerDentUSA craft scalers and curettes of the highest quality. All these dental instruments have multiple variations. The dental instruments' stainless body features high-tensile strength. The lightweight instrument is perfect for the long-term because the instrument is reusable after sterilization.

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